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Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014

Singapore Games Creation Competition – largest game creation competition for secondary school students!

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Anti-Drug Ambassador 2013 Result - Anti-Drug Abuse Corner CompetitionAnti-Drug Ambassador 2013 Result - "Anti-Drug Abuse Corner" Competition

Check out who were the winners at Anti-Drug Ambassador 2013 - "Anti-Drug School Corner" Competition now!

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Live It Loud BlogLive It Loud Blog

Live it Loud is a community-driven platform for bloggers and readers to share how they can do their part in this battle against drugs. Come join us by visiting the blog today!

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Anti-Drug Ambassador 2013 ResultAnti-Drug Ambassador 2013 Result

Check out who were the winners at Anti-Drug Ambassador 2013 now!

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Heroin Shackles Your Life


Heroin shackles your life. Read the story of Joe and Yong and find out why you have more to lose than gain when you take drugs.


Heroin: Highway To Hell


Dabbling with heroin is no child’s play. Find out why it is wiser to not even try that first puff in this article.


Criminal Fact Sheet: Heroin


Find out more about heroin, a highly addictive drug, and the legal penalties involved for the possession, consumption or trafficking of the drug.


Get Smart: Debunking Drug Myths


Think you know all there is to drugs? Are you sure you got the facts right? Get smart and bust some of the common drug myths in this article.


An effort to share Singapore's Preventive Drug Education experience with overseas counterparts. read more »

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Preventive Drug Education Resource Package for Teachers

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A self-contained package packed with useful preventive drug information and materials for teachers.

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