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Anti-Drug Ambassador Activity 2014 Result - Anti-Drug Wall CompetitionAnti-Drug Ambassador Activity 2014 Result - 'Anti-Drug Wall Competition'

Check out who are the winners for the Anti-Drug Ambassador Activity 2014 – 'Anti-Drug Wall Competition' now!

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Anti-Drug Ambassador 2014Anti-Drug Ambassador 2014 is here!

Learn more about the various types of drugs, their harmful effects, tips to say ‘No’ to drugs as well as how to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle in the Anti-Drug Ambassador Activity booklet

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Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014

Singapore Games Creation Competition – largest game creation competition for secondary school students!

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Anti-Drug Ambassador 2013 Result - Anti-Drug Abuse Corner CompetitionAnti-Drug Ambassador 2013 Result - "Anti-Drug Abuse Corner" Competition

Check out who were the winners at Anti-Drug Ambassador 2013 - "Anti-Drug School Corner" Competition now!

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Speak Up. Find Out. Communicate With Your Child.


Invest time in communicating with your child to find out what goes on in your child's life and provide guidance so that you can stem problems such as drug abuse before they happen. Read on to find out how you can improve communication.


Cannabis: Deadlier Than You Think


Read the article to find out why it is not okay to try cannabis even though it may be legal to take the drug overseas at establishments called 'coffeeshops'.


Criminal Fact Sheet: Cannabis


Uncover the disguise of cannabis and find out more about the harmful effects and the legal penalties involved for the possession, consumption or trafficking of the drug in this article.


Beauty? It Comes Naturally.


You don't have to spend a large sum of money or try hazardous methods such as taking drugs to lose weight and look good. Read the article for some natural beauty tips!


An effort to share Singapore's Preventive Drug Education experience with overseas counterparts. read more »

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Preventive Drug Education Resource Package for Teachers

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