Brunei’s Preventive Drug Education Approach

The Prevention Drug Education Division is one of the divisions in the Narcotics Control Bureau (“BKN”), which implements strategies to reduce the demand of drugs and increase awareness about the dangers of drugs through effective preventive measures

Educating the community and raising public awareness against drug abuse is important, so that they can protect themselves from the drug threat. It is also essential to provide guidance on how to deal with this issue, especially if there are family members who are suspected or have been involved in drug abuse.

Preventive Drug Education activities aims to reach out to the following targeted groups:

• Students in all levels of education - primary, secondary and higher education institutions 

• The village community 

• Employees of public and private sectors

• Citizens

• Youths


Various approaches include: 

• Dissemination of information through briefings, exhibitions, forums, roadshows and interactive games 

• Distribution of drug posters and handbooks 

• A screening/test of urine samples 

• A visit to the BKN gallery and briefings