CNB Career Roadmap

The Central Narcotics Bureau believes in the potential of our officers and offers them the opportunity to continually upgrade themselves through course subsidies and academic sponsorships. The unified rank structure rewards officers with good performance, allowing them to have an accelerated advancement in rank.


The unified rank structure places both graduates and non-graduates on the same career pathway, providing fair advancement opportunities for all officers based on job performance and potential.

career roadmap


As a Narcotics Officer, you can expect regular rotations allowing for opportunities to explore different vocations in the Bureau. During your career, you may be posted to various divisions, each with a different function and responsibility.  

Enforcement Division conducts border enforcement to detect and deter drug importation while striving for resource optimisation, as well as exercise rigorous, sustained, and effective in-land enforcement.

Investigation Division manages all drug investigations and forensic matters in CNB. Investigation officers investigate and institute appropriate actions against drug offenders.

Intelligence Division presides over all intelligence matters in CNB, plans and executes operations against organised and syndicated drug activities.

Operations Division oversees cross-cutting operations, training and audit matters in CNB. They develop operational policies, doctrines, procedures, and operations-technology projects to strengthen the drug enforcement capabilities of CNB.

Staff Divisions formulate and implement policies that support frontline operations, administer the resources required by the Bureau as well as engage and educate the public on the scourge of drugs.


Direct-entry Sergeants who perform well can look forward to faster career progression to attain the rank of an Inspector, even without a degree. Similarly, Inspectors with good performance will be fast-tracked to the rank of Assistant Superintendent.


There are ample opportunities for upgrading and self-development which are supported by the Bureau.

Upgrading Opportunities  

Full-time or Part-time Degree Scholarship recipients enjoy a greater degree of flexibility in their choice of study. It allows you to choose undergraduate courses in any of the local universities or approved courses offered by overseas universities.

MHA Study Award supports officers’ professional development through upgrading and furthering studies on their own accord. Eligible officers can look forward to partial reimbursement of compulsory course fees upon successful course completion.