Direct-Entry Inspector

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) is Singapore's primary drug enforcement agency entrusted with the responsibilities of coordinating all matters pertaining to drug eradication. CNB's vision is for a Singapore without drugs, where everyone can live, work and play safely. Our mission is to enforce, educate and engage, for a drug-free Singapore.

As a Direct-Entry Inspector, you will lead a team of officers with one objective – to keep Singapore a drug-free nation. Be it planning and executing operations, gathering intelligence or conducting an investigation, you need to possess leadership skills as well as mental and emotional clarity to do so efficiently.


  • Lead a team of officers in a range of challenging assignments, which includes arrests of drug offenders, raids, house checks, gathering intelligence on drug syndicates and executing field operations against drug offenders
  • Conduct investigations and surveillance operations to neutralise drug trafficking groups
  • Formulate, implement or review drug enforcement policies and strategies
  • Oversee the effective administration of the urine supervision regime, which includes urine testing, case work and management of public enquiries
  • Conduct investigations to prosecute drug offenders under the Misuse of Drugs Act
  • Plan and coordinate projects that leverage information technology with the aim of keeping Singapore drug-free
  • Conduct talks on preventive drug education and CNB's drug enforcement strategies for youths and organisations


  • Strong leadership and command ability to motivate your team
  • Passion and perseverance
  • Steadiness and decisiveness in the face of uncertainty
  • Adaptability and quick thinking in dynamic situations
  • Good communication skills
  • Good stress-coping abilities
  • Physically fit and active
  • Commitment to work irregular and additional hours


  • Singapore Citizen
  • Male applicants must have completed National Service with a medical fitness of PES status of ‘A’ or ‘B1 L1’
  • Good physical fitness
  • Normal colour vision


You will undergo nine months of basic residential training at the Home Team Academy to learn the criminal penal code, criminal laws, investigation techniques, self-defence tactics and weapons handling. The training also includes an overseas leadership training programme. You are required to serve a two-year training bond which will commence after the nine months of basic training.


Before you take on the role of leading a team, you will undergo foundation postings to the Enforcement Division and Investigation Division to learn the role of a Narcotics Officer. During this time, you will also attend courses/training designed to further equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out your duties effectively.


The monthly starting salary will vary according to assessment during the interviews, relevant/useful work experience and completion of full-time National Service (for male applicants).

Entry Rank

Salary Range

Direct-Entry Inspector

$3,890 - $4,899


As a uniformed officer, you will be eligible for retirement benefits under the INVEST Scheme. A monthly contribution based on a percentage of your gross salary will be credited into your Retirement Account starting from your 5th year of service. These contributions are expected to grow with interest and upon retirement, you can withdraw the full sum from your account.


  • Annual vacation leave of 18 days
  • Annual medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation
  • Annual study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)
  • Subsidised medical and dental fees
  • Performance, mid-year and year-end bonuses (subject to work performance)
  • Professional learning and development benefits
  • Retention and retirement benefits
  • Comprehensive group insurance scheme


Upon joining CNB, you will be disrupted from all NSman (reservist) activities. The disruption will be revoked should you leave the Bureau subsequently.

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