Thng Yi Ren

Thng Yi Ren
Staff Officer, Policy Planning & Research Division

I chose to apply to CNB when I was awarded the Singapore Government Scholarship. What attracted me to join the Bureau was its exciting and unique scope which also focuses on areas in Singapore that are not commonly spoken of.

In my current role, I help to develop policies that uphold Singapore’s tough stance towards drug abuse. Before this posting, I was a frontline Narcotics Officer at the Ang Mo Kio division before moving to the Investigation unit. Moving from tactical units to a strategic role has given me diverse exposure to our line of work, especially in working with hardened offenders.

Throughout my three-and-a-half years at CNB, I have gained confidence and a strong belief in the work that I do, backed by strong and robust anti-drug laws and the knowledge that I am doing social good. Many of us at CNB feel that our work is meaningful. For instance, CNB’s supervision regime not only allows us to keep our supervisees from falling back onto the wrong path, it also gives us the chance to help them to reintegrate back into society. It is always heart-warming to see a drug abuser you once arrested turn over a new leaf.

My work at CNB has also brought me to places and I meet people from diverse backgrounds. From these interactions, I have come to understand the psyche of a drug abuser. More importantly, I am able to apply these experiences in developing fair laws and policies that safeguard the nation’s interests, while helping to rehabilitate abusers.

We do not enjoy arresting people; rather, we believe in engaging and educating the community about the harms of drugs, and we hope that through these efforts, fewer arrests will need to be made. If you are not afraid to commit to hands-on work and have a strong interest in working with people from all walks of life, there is an enriching career for you at CNB.