Anti-Drug Knowledge Tree Competition 2008

Contest Date: 3-Dec-2008 to 3-Dec-2008

Have you noticed more 'trees' within the premises of your schools lately? If you expect them in conventional places like gardens, then you would be pleasantly surprised! The 'trees' are actually 'planted' in the libraries, foyers and canteens! Strange? Not quite so, if you are aware of what's happened between June and August.

40 primary schools and 25 secondary schools have been busy over the last few months pooling their resources together to 'plant' their own 'anti-drug knowledge trees' in support of the annual Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign. The inaugural competition that commenced on the Anti-Drug Abuse Day on 26 June was open to all schools in Singapore. Principals and even parents lent their helping hands to teachers and students in coming up with innovative ways to decorate and 'plant' their 'trees' with creative and environmental-friendly materials to vie for the outstanding awards.

Check out some of the winning entries!

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