Drug Buster Academy

The Drug Buster Academy (DBA) is Central Narcotics Bureau’s (CNB) newest mobile Preventive Drug Education (PDE) outreach platform to youths aged 10 to 18. Designed to provide a hi-tech and futuristic learning experience for youths, visitors will go through a learning experience on the dangers and consequences of drugs and inhalant abuse. At the end of the learning experience, visitors will graduate as ‘Drug Busters’ to help keep Singapore drug-free.

To create an immersive and engaging experience for the visitors, the use of innovative technology and interactive games are deployed. The exhibits have incorporated interactive elements and employed latest technology to keep to the overall theme of the bus. Examples of the use of innovative technology include augmented reality, facial scanning digital interactive display and touch screen feature for the exhibits.

Compared to static exhibitions, the DBA allows CNB to bring the PDE message to the public via a more edutainment manner through interactive exhibits right at their doorsteps. This is an effective mode of outreach to the upper primary and lower secondary students. Visitors can also learn in a comfortable and conducive air-conditioned environment, safe from any inclement weather. As the exhibits are displayed within the bus, setting up the exhibition is easy and fast. The hassle of transporting, setting up and dismantling the exhibition panels is avoided.

For bookings and further clarifications, you may contact:

Comms Officer
Email : CNB_Community_Partnership@cnb.gov.sg 


Drug Buster Academy Bus

Interior of Drug Buster Academy Bus
Interior of Drug Buster Academy Bus