Beware Of the Devil’s Workshop

26 Sep 2017

They say that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. That is especially true when your idle mind decides it is a good idea to abuse methamphetamine (meth).

Meth goes by many names - Crystal, Speed, ‘Ice’ or ‘Ya ba’, and it can come in several different forms – tablets, powder, or crystals. Regardless, they are all the same - dangerous and destructive.

Your mind wanders into a scary place when you are on meth. Do not be fooled by the initial rush of energy you will experience when you first abuse meth. In truth, you have just taken your first step into a deep, dark hole full of terrors.

Very quickly, within an hour, the surge of euphoria fades and is replaced by feelings of agitation and confusion. Your lips will chap from rapid dehydration. You may gnash your teeth without realising it. You will sweat profusely even though you are not doing very much. You will feel aggressive and not know why. Now the furnace has been lit and the devil’s workshop is open for business.

It is just a matter of time before the real horror of meth starts to unfold. By the time you realise it, you are deep in its grasp and there is no escape. Be prepared for many long and painful nights ahead if you are foolish enough to try meth.

Then the sleeplessness kicks in. You have not slept for 60 hours by now. Your body burns with fatigue but your brain is still furiously racing, unable to rest - thanks to the vicious effects of meth. You are beginning to think too much now, way too much. That is the deadly paranoia tightening its grip on your mind. Are your close friends plotting against you?

Obsessive, irrational thoughts start to fill your mind to the point where you might lose it completely.Do not lose your mind to meth.

Occupy your mind with healthy, positive activities that enrich your life. Put the Devil’s Workshop out of business. Permanently.

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