Heroin Shackles Your Life

14 Sep 2017

The ceiling light flickered in a small hotel room where Joe and his pal, Yong, were getting their regular fix of heroin. This hotel has become their frequent haunt where they think they have abandoned all of society behind them, and where they could enjoy the 'pleasures' from inhaling heroin. With trembling hands, Yong rolled some of the powder into a small piece of paper and began to light it up like a cigarette. Joe then followed suit. Within moments, they were experiencing what they had come for.

Although Joe and his friend were enjoying the initial stages of inhaling heroin, they failed to realise that they were growing a dependence on it. When usage finally becomes long enough, the body grows accustomed to the drug and withdrawal symptoms set in if they attempt to reduce or stop consuming it altogether. Slowly but surely, it becomes a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

Joe rubbed his runny nose and tried to stem his shallow breathing from the effects of abusing heroin. He arrogantly affirmed his misperception to Yong that smoking heroin carries a lower health risk. They both laughed it off and continued inhaling the drug with deep, heavy breaths. What both of them will learn to regret is that any method of consuming heroin deals serious damages to the body. This could also be their last night alive.

Why is heroin so dangerous?

Even if it is the first try, it could prove fatal. Before the drug reaches the abuser, there is also a possibility that it has already been mixed with dangerous substances like detergent and rat poison. This increases its weight and thus the drug dealer's profits. However, the abuser is often unaware of it and this has deadly consequences because the impurities in the heroin clog up blood vessels that lead to the lungs, kidney and liver. Over time, organ failure takes place. The first abuse could also be deadly if a fatal quantity of rat poison has been added into the drug.

What are the signs of addiction to heroin?

  • Constant runny nose
  • Shallow breathing
  • Slurred speech
  • Hostility
  • Needle marks on body
  • Significant drop in personal hygiene
  • Drastic change of personality to being anti-social especially if abuser had been outgoing

Joe and Yong were packing up after their 'great' night out when they heard faint footsteps outside the room. Before they could react, the door flung open and a team of officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) stormed into the room. Flashlights beamed all over the place while commands for them to remain still were shouted. They knew their game was up. In an instant, they have not only lost their health to heroin but also created a lifetime of regret.

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