Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014 Judging Day

11 Sep 2014

It's Judging Day!

It was a day of nervousness for finalists of the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2014, a day which they had worked hard for, hoping that their team would win an award in this year's competition.

The judging for the finals of the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2014 was held on 10th September 2014 at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM). Each team had to do a short presentation on their games to the panel of judges from NYP, Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and Starhub.

All teams did their best to impress upon the judges for their games and some teams even made their presentations more interesting by incorporating a short skit to portray the storyline of their games. The judges were also entertained by the participants' takeaway of their SGCC journey, the challenges faced and what they learnt during the competition. Although it was challenging for the judges to sit through all 30 presentations, they were nonetheless impressed with the quality of the games for this year’s competition and the concepts behind the creation of their games.


Team Chimmichanga from Methodist Girls' School during their presentation


Team pokeman from Nan Hua High School presenting.

Outside the Electronic Theatre where the judging was held, teams heaved a sigh of relief after their presentation. Many of the students whom we spoke to were glad that they managed to pull through the competition despite having difficulties in juggling their schoolwork and trying to complete the game at the same time. Farrell Nah of Banana Spilt Studios from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore shared that one of the challenges the team faced was taking a longer time to come up with the design aspect of the game as his team had more programmers. Teams were elated as they posed for group photographs to commemorate their end of the competition.


Team Galaxy from Bowen Secondary School posing after their presentation


Group 10 from Maris Stella High School had their fun shoot after their presentation

We also spoke to Mr Albert Lim, Deputy Director for Games & Entertainment of SIDM on his thoughts on how SGCC will benefit students in the future. Mr. Albert spoke about how the SGCC is organized with a social objective in mind and that objective is that participating students will, by the end of the competition, become more aware of some of the social issues in the community as they go through the research and planning process. To this end, the SGCC is organized around a different social issue related theme each year. "When students are making games with a social objective, they will learn that they are making use of games to have a positive outcome on the audience that are playing them."

We certainly hope that all the participants of SGCC 2014 gained useful knowledge on game creation and design, while increasing their awareness of drug-related issues through the competition.

The results of SGCC 2014 will be announced on 17th October 2014 at the prize ceremony. A big thank you to all teams for the hard work and participation ! Check out the highlights of the judging day in the video below!