You Wouldn’t Trust A Stranger

30 Sep 2017

Psst. Yes, you! Over here - quickly now. Listen up. You wouldn’t trust a complete stranger. Why would you trust these new guys who’ve just walked into town?

Watch your step around them.

They are part of a notorious international gang known as New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). But unlike all the other thugs, these guys fly below the radar - and that is what makes them truly dangerous. They speak eloquently, wear trendy suits and drive flashy cars. You might be forgiven for thinking they were completely legitimate.

But do not be fooled - they are criminals just like the rest of them. Cold-blooded swindlers and killers in tuxedos. I could spend all day telling you about them. These NPS are illegal substances that contain ingredients which mimic the effects of controlled drugs such as cocaine, ‘ecstasy’, methamphetamine or cannabis.

Some members of NPS that you can find lurking around your neighbourhood are these so-called ‘smoking blends’. They may call themselves ‘botanical materials’ or ‘herbs’ and may go by different names like synthetic weed, K2 or Spice. Some NPS are even sold as tablets that are passed off as MDMA or ‘ecstasy’. They are as addictive and lethal as actual drugs, so keep a safe distance from these guys.

Many folks fall into the trap of thinking that NPS are harmless and ‘fun’ alternatives to ‘real’ drugs - but this is entirely false!

NPS will have unknown yet dangerous toxicological effects on you, simply because we do not know exactly what kind of ingredients were used to make them. If you hang out with NPS, you may experience paranoia, seizures and hallucinations - and there is nothing cool about that at all.

Do not be fooled!

NPS are illegal substances that mimic the effects of actual drugs but fly beneath the radar using harmless sounding names like ‘herbal blends’ and ‘bath salts’. They are often marketed as ‘legal highs’, but they are far from being harmless. Mixtures of NPS bought unknowingly by users have resulted in unpredictable and sometimes disastrous effects. With effect from 1 May 2014, CNB has moved all existing psychoactive substances from the Fifth Schedule to the First Schedule of the Misuse of Drugs Act. This means they are now classified as Class A drugs and are illegal!

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