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D.A.R.E. America Drug Sense
IOGT International Lycos Zone - Parents. The Anti-Drug Site
National Institute on Drug Abuse Safe & Drug Free Schools Program
United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime
(Asia & Pacific Amphetamine -Type Stimulants Information Centre)
United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime
Thailand Regional Centre

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Parliament passed the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill on 14 November 2012. The amendments aim to strengthen our ability to curb the demand and supply of drugs and enhance our enforcement framework to act against those who target the young. Please click this video to find out more information about the new changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Singapore Statutes
Misuse of Drug Act
CNB Annual Report 2012 (PDF, 4828 KB)
CNB Annual Report 2013 (PDF, 19728 KB)
NCADA Annual Report 2012 (PDF, 4461 KB)
NCADA Annual Report 2013 (PDF, 5419 KB)
NCADA Annual Report 2014 (PDF, 1844 KB)
NCADA Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 4815 KB)
Parents and Teachers Are Strongest Anti-Drug Influencers: Youth Perception Survey 2013 (PDF, 1454 KB)
CNB Annual Report 2014 (PDF, 14392 KB)
CNB Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 16189 KB)
CNB Annual Report 2016 (PDF, 2025 KB)
Youths display more liberal views towards drugs; parental influence key in deterring drug abuse : NCADA perception survey 2015/2016 (PDF, 550 KB)
CNB Annual Bulletin 2017 (PDF, 21279 KB)
CNB Annual Bulletin 2018 (PDF, 22268 KB)

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