1.5kg heroin, 1.1kg cannabis and other drugs seized in CNB operation on 17 November 2015. Five, including syndicate leader, arrested.

18 Nov 2015

On 17 November 2015, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) mounted an operation which saw the seizure of a total of about 1,560g of heroin, 1,120g of cannabis, 110g of ketamine, 13g of ‘Ice’, 146 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and nine Erimin-5 tablets.  Cash of more than S$7,600 was also seized.  The haul of drugs is estimated to be worth more than S$158,000.  Five suspects were arrested, including the suspected syndicate leader.

Singaporean Drug Trafficker Arrested

In the late morning of 17 November 2015, CNB officers were deployed to conduct observation in the vicinity of Kembangan, as a local drug trafficker was believed to be awaiting a fresh consignment of drugs. At about 11.54am, , CNB officers spotted the suspected drug trafficker, a 57-year-old male Singaporean, boarded the car of a 34-year-old male Malaysian, a suspected drug courier,  in the vicinity of the Kembangan MRT station. CNB officers followed the car. 

At about 12.15pm, the 57-year-old male was seen alighting from the car along Still Road South, and he was observed to be holding onto a paper bag.  A short while later, CNB officers moved in and placed the man under arrest.  From within the paper bag which he was holding, CNB officers recovered about 1,360g of heroin and 1,000g of cannabis.  A search of the man also recovered another haul of about 120g of cannabis, 146 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, 200g of heroin, nine Erimin-5 tablets, a small amount of ‘Ice’ and about $2,600 in cash.

CNB officers proceeded to raid the hideout of the 57-year-old male, a unit in a private apartment in the vicinity of Siglap Road.  A 35-year-old female Singaporean suspected drug abuser was arrested within and about 5g of ‘Ice’ was recovered from the female.  Officers also recovered about 110g of ketamine and some methadone from within the unit. 

Separately, another party of CNB officers had continued to tail the car to the basement carpark of a shopping mall in Jurong.  The 34-year-old male Malaysian suspected drug courier was arrested after he alighted from the car.  Cash of more than S$5,000 and some Malaysian currency was recovered from the man. 

Suspected Syndicate Leader Arrested

Swift follow-up investigations led to the arrest of the suspected drug syndicate leader in Tampines, a 28-year-old male Singaporean, and his associate, a 25-year-old female Singaporean.  The suspected syndicate leader is believed to be co-ordinating drug consignments for local drug traffickers.

Investigations into the drug activities of the all the suspects are ongoing.  The Misuse of Drugs Act provides for the death penalty if the amount of diamorphine (or pure heroin) trafficked exceeds 15g. 15g of diamorphine is equivalent to 1,250 straws, which is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 180 abusers for a week.  Those convicted of trafficking in more than 500g of cannabis may face the death penalty.


18 NOVEMBER 2015


Some of the Drugs and cash seized in CNB operation on 17 November 2015.

Photo 1: Some of the Drugs and cash seized in CNB operation on 17 November 2015.