Skit for Primary Schools

We have launched a new interactive anti-drug skit for Primary Schools in 2017. Titled "The Captain Drug Buster Show", the skit revolves around 4 characters – 'Captain Drug Buster', 'Candy Man', 'Wendy' and 'Rai'. The skit depicts the unscrupulous acts of drug pushers who will try their best to lure innocent children to take drugs. Presented in a humorous and light hearted manner but filled with key messages of the importance of avoiding strangers and gifts from them, children will get to learn how to say "NO" to such offers and the importance of informing their parents and other appropriate adults such as teachers, counsellors etc. The session is filled with interactive moments where students will be able to participate to advice and help the characters in making the right decisions to refuse offers of drugs.

The skit is now available for booking. Please drop an email to and indicate your preferred timing. For other queries, please contact Ms Low Yen Peng at

Synopsis of the skit:

Captain Drug Buster is on a hunt for a dangerous man who disguises himself as the "Candy Man". The "Candy Man" gives out irresistible treats for children, which turns out to be drugs so that children will obey him in his big evil plan to take over the world. Will captain Drug Buster be able to recruit everybody's help to capture the "Candy Man" or the children will become part of his evil plan? The outcomes will be revealed...(Duration of skit: approximately 30mins)

PDE Skit for primary schools

Last updated: 16 Jul 2018