Skit for Primary Schools

We have launched a new interactive anti-drug skit for Primary Schools in 2019. Titled " Captain Drug Buster and the evil Dr. Wacko", the skit depicts how Captain Drug Buster ruined the unscrupulous acts of Dr. Wacko who tried to lure two innocent children into taking drugs. Presented in a humorous and light-hearted manner, children will get to learn about the harmful effects of drug abuse, importance of not receiving gifts from strangers and how to stand firm against the temptation of drugs.

The skit is now available for booking. Please drop an email to (Attn: Ms. Rosa Tan) and indicate your preferred timing. For other queries, please contact Ms Low Yen Peng at

Synopsis of the skit:

Outside a school in the heartlands of Singapore, two students are contemplating how they can escape from their troubles. Behind their innocent discussions, Dr. Wacko hears all. He approaches the students and offers them special coloured sweets – his latest invention that can transport them to virtual reality  – as a way out. Only these sweets he offers are not the candies they think they are taking, but drugs. Through this story, we see how the heroic Captain Drug Buster stops Dr. Wacko from his evil plan. This story is adapted from the illustrated book “Captain Drug Buster vs Dr. Wacko: The Final Showdown”, and serves to educate students about the effects of drugs and how to handle difficult situations when they are lured into the temptation of drugs. (Duration of skit: approximately 30mins)

Primary School skit