Skit for Primary Schools

Three's A Crowd 2022


We have launched a new interactive preventive drug education skit for Primary Schools in 2022. Titled "Three’s A Crowd", the skit depicts how Captain Drug Buster stops the unscrupulous Dr. Wacko who tries to deceive innocent children into taking drugs. Presented in a humorous and light-hearted manner, children will get to learn about the harmful effects of drug abuse and how to stand firm against the temptation of drugs.
The skit is now available for booking. Please drop an email to (Attn: Mr Alfred Ho) and indicate your preferred timing. For other queries, please contact Ms Tan Yan Zheng at
Skit Synopsis:

It is a new school year for Kayz and Sam, who are introduced to a new classmate Wayne. However the new kid on the block seems like a rather unusual boy – much like his unusual white hair! – and soon starts offering his favourite “happy gummies” to his new friends. Will Kayz and Sam, with the help of Captain Drug Buster, be able to uncover Wayne’s true identity and stop his evil regime from spreading drugs around?
Find out in the latest Captain Drug Buster vs Dr Wacko show – Three’s A Crowd!

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