Photo Credit: PDE Sharing for Sentosa Development Corporation Rangers and Service Ambassadors

CNB’s Preventive Drug Education (PDE) efforts are focused on getting youths to know about the dangers of drugs and to strengthen their resilience against drugs. In this effort, we work in close collaboration with key partners and stakeholders such as;

  • The community-led National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA), to educate youths, parents and educators on the harms and consequences of drug abuse, and grow the anti-drug advocacy movement within the community.
  • The Ministry of Education (MOE), to inculcate primary and secondary school students with the right anti-drug attitude from young, to build on their character development and life-skills modules, and deliver PDE messages to youths through schools.
  • The National Library Board (NLB) to stage 16 anti-drug skits at public libraries island-wide as part of NLB's Super Storytastic Programme. The purpose is to educate young children on the harms of drugs and how to say NO to drugs, and provide opportunities for parents to start conversations with their children using teachable moments.

We are constantly looking for new partnerships with schools and local organisations to ensure the future generation of Singaporeans knows about drugs and their harmful effects. So, join us! Keep Singapore drug-free!! Consider taking the first step, either by:

  • Requesting for PDE talks and/or exhibitions to be held in your school/organisation;
  • Initiating customised PDE programme; or
  • Co-organising customised PDE programmes with us. We can offer resource materials and share our experience.

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