Skit for Secondary Schools

We have launched a new interactive anti-drug skit for Secondary Schools in 2019. Titled "What If?", the skit aims to show that youths should not succumb to the temptation of drugs which could destroy their lives. They should think carefully about the danger and dire consequences of drugs and drug abuse (with specific reference to cannabis/weed and methamphetamine/Ice).

The skit is now available for booking. Please drop an email to (Attn: Ms. Rosa Tan) and indicate your preferred timing. For other queries, please contact Ms Tan Yan Zheng at

Synopsis of the skit:

In today’s highly-connected society, it is not uncommon that youths openly talk about drugs and get their perceptions influenced by social media and friends. They can also be tempted to take drugs out of peer pressure or simply curiosity. 'What If?' looks at two mini-stories of youths facing the consequences of drug abuse. In the first story, we look at a student who took drugs to cope with stress, and how her bright future could have been ruined by drugs. The second story shows that peer pressure can even come from the person you trust the most. 'What If?' offers students a glimpse into what could happen to them when confronted with these dilemmas. (Duration of skit: approximately 30mins)

Secondary School skit