Skit for Secondary Schools

Nerds Assemble 2022 
We have launched a new interactive preventive drug education skit for Secondary Schools in 2022. Titled "Nerds Assemble!” the skit aims to show that in the face of stress and peer pressure, taking drugs will not make one cool or popular. Rather, youths can rely on their friends for acceptance and support to overcome their struggles. There is always a better way out.
The skit is now available for booking. Please drop an email to (Attn: Mr Alfred Ho) and indicate your preferred timing. For other queries, please contact Ms Tan Yan Zheng at

Skit Synopsis:

A group of misfits and outcasts find themselves bullied and mocked constantly for their love for uncommon things. It’s stressful. So when popular classmate Ella offers them “a way out”, will they be tempted? What lies behind Ella’s motivations?

Help your students stay drug-free. Book a show with us today. Available in both live and remote live-stream.

Performance Format