Subashiyni Ramakrishnan

I Want To Create A Safe Environment For My Child To Grow Up In

Subashiyni Ramakrishnan

Assistant Director (Rehabilitation), Policy Development Division, MHA
Assistant Director, Major Investigations 2, Investigation Division, CNB [2021 to 2022]

I started my career as a Direct-Entry Inspector at CNB. During these eight years, I had the opportunity to experience a spectrum of roles, such as Intelligence, Investigations, and Policy Planning & Research. Every role entailed a different experience for me. I also learnt that an important trait a CNB officer must possess is versatility, as each day at work is never the same.

When I worked as an Officer-in-Charge (OC) in the Intelligence Division, I led raids and arrested abusers and traffickers. We work closely as a team to ensure a smooth and efficient operation when we are in action. When you are on the ground as an OC intel, you get to see first-hand the impact of the work that we do. The job is not just exciting, it is also meaningful as you get a glimpse into the lives of drug abusers from your interactions with their family members whose lives are equally impacted by the neglect and the disappointment.

I also had the opportunity to undergo a stint at the Permanent Mission of Singapore in Vienna, Austria, where I engaged with the international community to share about Singapore’s tough stance on drugs. Through this experience, I was able to widen my knowledge of the consequences of drug abuse and trafficking on society. I returned to Singapore with a newfound perspective – that the road to a drug-free country is not only built on an approach using enforcement, but that education and engagement are just as important.

I am currently actively involved in CNB’s Preventive Drug Education (PDE) efforts, notably through BEN or Bothaiporulai Ethirthu Nirpom (We Stand United Against Drugs). In this campaign, we seek to spread the anti-drug message to the Indian community. This is done through face-to-face engagement with people, as well as in partnership with volunteers, community groups and media personalities who warmly step forward.

Now that I am in the Investigations team, I focus mainly on interviewing witnesses, and gathering and piecing together key evidence. Investigative work is vital to ensure a successful prosecution and that justice is served.

Although working in CNB means that there will be irregular working hours, I am glad to have the support and understanding of my family. Planning for a family is also possible as there are options to take on different roles in CNB where I do not always have to be on the frontline. My career with CNB has been fulfilling because I see the meaning in what we do, and I want to create a safe environment for my child to grow up in. This is not just a job. This is my calling.