Narcotics Officer

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the drug-free cause. When you join us as a Narcotics Officer, you will be embarking on an exciting and rewarding career with the Home Team to contribute towards making Singapore a safe and secure home.

CNB offers our officers a wide range of career paths and advancement opportunities. As a Narcotics Officer, you will have opportunities for regular rotation to take up different vocations in the Bureau. During your career, you will be posted to various divisions and exposed to new work functions and responsibilities. Find out more here.

Entry Requirements

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Normal colour vision
  • Good physical fitness
  • Male applicants must have completed National Service with a medical fitness of PES status ‘A’ or ‘B1 L1’

Welfare and Benefits

  • Professional learning and development opportunities
  • Sign-on bonus of $10,000 for eligible Direct-Entry Sergeants
  • Performance, mid-year and end-year bonuses (subject to work performance)
  • Retention and retirement benefits
  • Annual vacation leave of 14 to 18 days
  • Annual medical leave of 14 days or 60 days with hospitalisation
  • Annual study leave of 12 days (subject to approval)
  • Subsidised medical and dental fees
  • Comprehensive group insurance scheme
  • Class 3 driving licence

Investment Retirement Benefits

As a uniformed officer, you will be eligible for retirement benefits under the INVEST Scheme. A monthly contribution of your gross salary will be credited into your Retirement Account starting from your 5th year of service. These contributions are expected to grow with interest. Upon retirement, you can withdraw the full sum from your account.

NS Duty (For Males):

Upon joining CNB, you will be exempted from all NS (reservist) activities. The exemption will be withdrawn should you leave the Bureau subsequently.

For enquiries on joining CNB, please contact us at