Singapore has designated every third Friday of May each year as Drug Victims Remembrance Day. The significance of this day is to remember the victims of drugs by creating awareness of how family and society, apart from abusers, are harmed by drugs. The inaugural commemoration will take place on 17 May 2024.


Enter the microsite to learn more about the campaign and its activities. Watch the films, listen to the stories from victims of drug abuse, and make a promise to your loved ones to stay drug-free. Click here to enter microsite.


The global drug situation is worsening. More drugs are being produced and more countries are taking a softer approach towards drug control. Lobbying by drug producers and other groups with a similar interest to liberalise the drug regime, through well-funded marketing campaigns, has also shifted public attitudes towards drugs. Read about and stay informed on the global drug landscape and the impact that softening drug control has had on countries.