When you join the CNB team, you’re not just taking on a career, you’re taking on the war on drugs. If you are ready to put yourself at the forefront in the fight against drugs every day, to ensure that our families and friends can live, work and play together in a safe, secure and drug-free environment, then this is the career for you.

At CNB, we face a rapidly changing environment and are tasked to respond to a highly complex drug situation through various initiatives.

You could be part of our high profile preventive education and engagement programmes with the public.

Or you may be tasked to conduct intelligence work on the ground.

You could even be part of our team formulating careful legislation to sustain a national consensus towards zero tolerance for drug abuse.

Either way, it’s an exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding career.

So, if you wish to make a difference to the lives of fellow Singaporeans in a direct and meaningful way, join us as we strive towards a Singapore without drugs, where everyone can live, work and play safely!


Having any further queries? Contact us via our email or hotline below:

Recruitment EmailCNB_recruitment@cnb.gov.sg

Last updated: 7 Jun 2019