Anti-drug Ambassador Activity 2021

Embark on an adventure to defend Singapore against the scourge of drugs and defeat the evil Drug Lord with Captain Drug Buster and his friends!

The Anti-drug Ambassador Activity (AAA) is a preventive drug education activity that serves to educate the primary school students on the ills of drug abuse. It takes the form of an activity booklet, which is designed to include interactive and self-exploratory activities that engage and equip the students with relevant knowledge on the dangers of drug abuse. The booklets, targeted at students aged 10 – 11 years, are sent out to the primary schools every year. This activity also includes an anti-drug montage competition, to encourage students’ active participation and maximise the visibility of the anti-drug messages within the school grounds.

You can download the activity booklets (for Primary 4 and Primary 5 students) by clicking on the images below.


You can download the activity answer booklets (for Primary 4 and Primary 5 students) by clicking on the links below.

 Answers to AAA P4 Booklet
 Answers to AAA P5 Booklet

Anti-Drug Montage Competition 2021

Every year, the Anti-Drug Montage Competition is held to commemorate the World Drug Day (which falls on 26 June) and raise awareness on the harmful effects of drugs among primary school students. In 2021, 69 primary schools participated in the competition and the top 10 schools with the best anti-drug montage entries were selected (in no particular order of merits).

Congratulations to all schools who won the Top 10 Highest Participation Rate and the Best Anti-drug Montage for AAA 2021!