Visitors looking at gallery exhibition

The CNB Heritage Gallery tour is a key component in CNB’s Learning Journey programme, and is offered to schools and various public organisations to help members of the public gain a better understanding of Singapore’s history with drug abuse and drug control strategies. It is also offered to schools as part of the After-School Engagement Programme.

Guided by experienced CNB officers, the tour offers visitors a chance to learn about CNB’s history, and a glimpse into Singapore’s history with drugs through a curated display of authentic artefacts, videos and case exhibits. The tour is usually preceded by a talk conducted by a Narcotic Officer on the topic of drugs, Singapore’s current drug trends and the consequences of drug abuse to supplement learning. There will be opportunities to ask questions, and visitors would also have a chance to be engaged in “in-gallery conversations” with the CNB officers.

CNB Heritage Gallery is located at Blk B, Police Cantonment Complex, 393 New Bridge Road, Singapore 088763.

Please note that physical tours to the CNB Heritage Gallery are currently not available. The Gallery remains closed till further notice, as the well-being of our visitors and staff remain our primary concern. We will post details of our re-opening on our social media and website in due time. However, you can still have a peek of the Gallery from the comfort of your home! Check out the links below.

Virtual tours *NEW

Sneak peek of our Heritage Gallery

Hosted by CNB officers from the Community Partnership Division, this 6.45-minute-long video provides a quick introduction to the heritage of CNB and offers a sneak peek of the Gallery.

This video is the perfect classroom resource for educators looking for an introductory video to use in your drug education lessons with the students. 

360° Virtual Tour

Virtual tour main door

We have created a 360Virtual Tour of the Heritage Gallery as an interactive digital space to facilitate experiential learning online. This virtual tour allows visitors to navigate the Gallery in a 3D environment, providing visitors with a more immersive experience. Click on the image above to step inside the Gallery. Tap on the orange circles to explore the Gallery along the recommended path, and toggle with the options on screen to explore the images, videos and sounds located around the Gallery!