Preventive Drug Education (PDE) Info Package

PDE Toolkit 2024

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) seeks to work closely with the community to garner strong societal support in our fight against drugs. As Preventive Drug Education (PDE) is the first line of defence in Singapore’s overall drug control strategy, it is vital that our partners play a part in guiding our people, especially our youths, towards making the right choices and leading a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. 

This PDE Info Package consisting of (i) a handbook, (ii) an accompanying deck of Powerpoint slides, and (iii) a set of FAQs has been designed to help our partners share within their spheres of influence what our people need to know about Singapore’s drug policy and laws, and how we can collectively help Singapore remain drug-free.
Let’s work together towards a drug-free society!
You can download the PDE Info Package by clinking on the links below.
PDE Handbook (PPT, 1700 KB)
PDE Info Kit FAQ (PDF, 193 KB)