Illustrated Book
(for children aged 7 to 9 years old)

Captain Drug Buster vs Dr. Wacko : The Final Showdown
This is a collaboration between Central Narcotics Bureau and the authors, Ms Jillian Khoo
and Ms Teh Yu Yin.

Join Aida, Pavan and Wei Ming as they embark on a mission with Captain Drug Buster to stop Dr. Wacko from destroying lives with drugs!

The illustrated book, titled “The Captain Drug Buster vs Dr Wacko: The Final Showdown”, serves to educate younger youths on the harms of drug abuse and useful drug refusal tips to inoculate them against drug abuse from a young age. In this book, Captain Drug Buster enlists the help of three students to defeat Dr. Wacko and his drug monsters before they destroy more lives with drugs. The story is told through simple dialogues and illustrations to hold the younger youths’ interest and covers the topic on drug abuse in ways that they can easily relate to e.g. school, family, friends, fear of being left out.

The book, targeted at children aged between 7 and 9 years old, is available for loan from the Public Libraries island-wide with the support of the National Library Board.

You can download the illustrated book by clicking on the image.

Illustrated book