1.9kg heroin, 1kg cannabis seized in two operations

06 Nov 2014

On 5 November 2014, in two separate operations against drug offenders, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) seized a total of about 1.9kg of heroin, 1kg of cannabis and 198g of ‘Ice’. The haul of drugs is estimated to be worth of more than S$200,000.

Cannabis and heroin haul in Clementi

In the early hours of 5 November 2014, CNB officers deployed in the vicinity of Clementi spotted a male suspect arriving at a housing block in a Malaysia-registered motorcycle. The male suspect, a 28-year old Malaysian, was observed taking a plastic bag from his motorcycle and proceeding to the 17th storey of the housing block. A short while later, he came down the block without the plastic bag. He was placed under arrest.

Another party of CNB officers proceeded to the unit at the 17th storey. CNB officers arrested a 42-year old Singaporean female suspect inside the toilet of the unit. The female suspect was attempting to flush some drugs down the toilet. From within the unit, a total of about 1,280g of heroin, 1,034g of cannabis, 95g of ‘Ice’ and one Erimin-5 tablet were recovered.

Another two male Malaysians, both 40-year-olds and suspected to be involved in the same drug trafficking syndicate, were arrested when they were attempting to leave Singapore in a Malaysia-registered lorry that same afternoon.

Heroin store busted in Tampines

In a separate operation conducted on 5 November 2014, a party of CNB officers, supported by officers from the Singapore Police Force, apprehended a suspected drug trafficker. The 42-year-old male Singaporean was operating in the vicinity of Tampines Street 81. At about 12.05pm, he was spotted at the void deck of the block and duly placed under arrest. He was then escorted to his suspected hideout located in the same block.

A search on the suspected drug trafficker recovered about 270g of heroin and 51g of ‘Ice’. The drugs had been packed in small plastic packets. Subsequent search of the unit recovered another about 416g of heroin and 52g of ‘Ice’, all of which were also packed in small plastic packets. Drug paraphernalia such as numerous improvised drug-smoking apparatus and digital weighing scales were also recovered.

Investigations on all the suspects are ongoing. If convicted, they may face the death penalty. The Misuse of Drugs Act provides for the death penalty if the amount of diamorphine (or pure heroin) trafficked exceeds 15g. 15g of diamorphine is equivalent to 1,250 straws[1], which is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 180 abusers for a week. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, those convicted of trafficking in more than 500g of cannabis may face the death penalty.


Photo 1: Cannabis, heroin and ‘Ice’ seized from CNB operation in Clementi on 5 November 2014

drugs seized on 5 Nov 2014

Photo 2: Heroin and 'Ice' seized from CNB operation in Tampines on 5 November 2014

drugs seized on 5 Nov 2014 (2)

[1] This is estimated using a typical purity level of 4%, based on drug seizures in recent years. The number of straws that are actually made may vary according to the purity level of the heroin used in the straws.