About 2.8kg Heroin Seized. Eight Arrested.

23 May 2019

            Drugs estimated to be worth about S$247,000 were seized in an operation conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on 22 May 2019, in which eight drug offenders – one stateless person and seven Singaporeans – were arrested.  The drugs seized included about 2,793g of heroin and 519g of ‘Ice’. 


2          In the pre-dawn hours of 22 May 2019, CNB officers were deployed in the vicinity of Chai Chee Road to observe a group of suspected drug offenders.  Officers spotted two suspects – a 36-year-old male and a 52-year-old male – arriving in the vicinity in a car.  Another suspect, a 51-year-old stateless male was spotted boarding the car before exiting after a short while and returning to his hideout in the area.  The car left the area thereafter. 


3          CNB officers proceeded to raid the hideout of the 51-year-old male, a fourth floor unit, and arrested the suspect within.  Three other suspects – a 41-year-old female, a 59-year-old male and a 61-year-old male – were also arrested within the unit.  From within the bedroom occupied by the 51-year-old male, about 656g of heroin, 2,379g of tobacco believed to be laced with new psychoactive substances (NPS) were recovered.  About 710g of heroin were recovered in the living room.  A small amount of ‘Ice’ and heroin were recovered from the 59-year-old male and the 41-year-old female.


4          CNB officers from the Special Task Force who were tailing the car intercepted it along Tampines Avenue 10 when an opportune moment arose.  The 52-year-old male driver and the 36-year-old male passenger were both arrested and about 513g of ‘Ice’ and 1,419 g of heroin were recovered from within the car.  CNB officers then brought the 52-year-old male to his hideout, located in the vicinity of Sumang Lane.  From within the unit, a small amount of heroin and ‘Ice’ were recovered.  Two suspects, a 40-year-old male and a 55-year-old male, were also arrested within the unit.  A motorcycle suspected to belong to the 36-year-old was also searched, and a small amount of heroin, ‘Ice’ and an ‘Ecstasy’ tablet was recovered.  

CNB NR - 23 May 2019 (1)
Photo-1 (CNB): View of interior of car intercepted along Tampines Avenue 10 in CNB operation on 22 May 2019.

CNB NR - 23 May 2019 (2)
Photo-2 (CNB): Heroin and ‘Ice’ seized in an operation conducted by CNB on 22 May 2019.

5          Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing.  2,793g of heroin is enough to feed the addiction of about 1,330 abusers for a week.  519g of ‘Ice’ is enough to feed the addiction of about 296 abusers for a week.




23 MAY 2019