Central Narcotics Bureau Drug Situation Report 2011: More drug abusers arrested and drugs seized as CNB intensified enforcement efforts in 2011

03 Feb 2012

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested 3,265 drug abusers in 2011 – an increase of 13% from the 2,887 persons arrested in 2010.

While the new abusers arrested has dropped 17% from 1,327 in 2010 to 1,104 in 2011, new youth abusers below the age of 20 has increased from 155 in 2010 to 225 in 2011.

Heroin and methamphetamine remain the most commonly abused drugs – about 93% of all drug abusers arrested abused heroin or methamphetamine. Methamphetamine remains the most commonly abused drug amongst new abusers in Singapore.

On the supply front, CNB intensified enforcement against drug syndicates and checks at the checkpoints in 2011 resulting in more drugs seized – the estimated value of drugs seized in 2011 amounted to S$16.0 million, 54% higher than the drugs seized in 2010. In particular, CNB seized 14 kg of crystal methamphetamine (‘Ice’) in 2011 which is the highest ever recorded in CNB’s history.

The drug numbers for 2011 are against a changing drug landscape of worsening regional drug situation and increasingly liberal attitude towards drugs amongst youth.

CNB will continue to intensify its enforcement efforts to tackle both the supply and demand dimension of the drug problem. In addition, CNB is working closely with the Task Force on Drugs led by Minister-of-State (Home Affairs) Masagos Zulkifli, to ensure that our drug control measures remain relevant and effective in the changing landscape.

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“The Central Narcotics Bureau has been arresting a steadily increasing number of drug abusers in the past few years. We are facing a changing drug landscape with challenges in both the drug supply and demand front.

CNB will continue with its tough approach towards drugs to ensure that drug abusers are detected early so that prompt treatment and rehabilitation can be rendered to them. I also want to send a strong message to the drug syndicates that CNB will come after you swiftly for peddling drugs and harming society.

Apart from tough enforcement, CNB will also deepen our Preventive Drug Education outreach to prevent our young from becoming the next generation of drug offenders.

CNB cannot fight this battle against drugs alone. We need the full support of the public, community and parents, and only with this support can we preserve Singapore’s cherished zero tolerance philosophy against drug abuse.”

Mr Ng Ser Song (黄思松)
Director, Central Narcotics Bureau