Close to 18kg of Heroin Seized at Woodlands Checkpoint; Three Suspected Drug Offenders Arrested

20 May 2022

          On 18 May 2022, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers foiled an attempt to smuggle about 17,704g of heroin, 261g of ‘Ice’ and 2g of ‘Ecstasy’ tablets in an arriving Malaysia-registered car via the Woodlands Checkpoint. The detection prompted subsequent enforcement operations by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) in which a total of three suspected male Malaysian drug offenders, aged between 23 and 28, were arrested at multiple locations in Singapore over 18 and 19 May. The drugs seized are estimated to be worth close to $1,295,000 and is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 8,430 heroin abusers and 150 ‘Ice’ abusers for a week.

2.      In the evening of 18 May, the Malaysia-registered car entered the immigration clearance lane at the Arrival Car Zone and was subjected to routine checks. Bundles of suspected drugs were found in the car boot. The 28-year-old Malaysian driver was immediately arrested and referred to CNB for investigation.

3.         In a follow-up operation conducted in the early morning of 19 May, CNB officers arrested two Malaysian men in the vicinity of Bedok North Street 1. Both were suspected to be the intended recipients of the packages.

4.        Investigations into the drug activities and suspects are ongoing.

5.        Under Section 5 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973, it is an offence for a person, on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of any other person, whether or not that other person is in Singapore, to traffic in a controlled drug, offer to traffic in a controlled drug; or to do or offer to do any act preparatory to or for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled drug. If a person is found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of pure heroin (diamorphine) or 250g of methamphetamine, he or she may face the mandatory death penalty.

6.         Our borders are our first line of defence in safeguarding Singapore. The ICA and CNB will continue to conduct security checks at the checkpoints to prevent attempts to smuggle undesirable persons, weapons, explosives, controlled drugs and other contrabands across our borders.


20 May 2022


ICA CNB drug bust 20 May 2022

Photo 1 (CNB):
 A total of about 17,704g of heroin seized from a Malaysian-registered car on 18 May 2022.

ICA CNB drug bust 20 May 2022

Photo 2 (CNB): A total of about 261g of ‘Ice’ seized from a Malaysian-registered car on 18 May 2022.