Close To 2KG Of Cannabis Seized; 6 Arrested For Suspected Drug Activities

16 Apr 2021

In an operation conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on 15 and 16 April 2021, four Singaporeans and two Malaysians, comprising five males and one female aged between 26 and 33, were arrested for suspected drug activities. A total of about 1,718g of cannabis, 104g of ‘Ice’, eight ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and 20 Erimin-5 tablets were seized during the operation that took place in multiple locations in Singapore. The drugs seized are estimated to be worth over to $45,000.

2.         In the late evening of 15 April 2021, CNB officers conducted an anti-drug operation at a hotel located in the vicinity of Chinatown. A 26-year-old Malaysian male was arrested at the hotel lobby and brought to his hotel room. A search was conducted in his room where a total of about 10g of cannabis and 20 Erimin-5 tablets were seized.

3.         In another room in the same hotel, four Singaporeans (comprising a 33-year-old female, 30-year-old male, 27-year old male and 26-year-old male), and a 26-year-old Malaysian male were arrested therein. A search was conducted, and a total of about 118g of cannabis, 104g of ‘Ice’, eight ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and various drug paraphernalia were seized from the hotel room.

4.         The 26-year-old Singaporean male arrested from the second hotel room was brought to his motorcycle, which was parked in the vicinity of the hotel, where about 50g of cannabis were seized. In the early morning of 16 April 2021, the same subject was brought to his residence in the vicinity of Bukit Batok, where about 1,540g of cannabis were further recovered.

CNB drug bust 15 to 16 Apr 2021

CNB drug bust 15 to 16 Apr 2021
Photos 1 and 2 (CNB): About 1,540g of cannabis, wrapped in silver foil, was recovered from a grey backpack in a residential unit in the vicinity of Bukit Batok during a CNB operation on 16 April 2021.

5.         Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing. The total amount of 1,718g of cannabis that had been seized in the operation is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 245 abusers for a week.


16 April 2021