CNB's blitz in Changi and Joo Chiat - Drug syndicate dismantled, 13 arrested

20 Mar 2012

In a sting operation conducted on 19 March 2012, the Central Narcotics Bureau took down a drug trafficking group trafficking in various drugs, including cannabis and ‘Ice’, and arrested 13 suspects whom were believed to be involved in various drug activities. Drugs with an estimated street value of S$52,000 were seized in the operation.

Surprised at Upper Changi

As part of its ongoing fight against drug syndicates in Singapore, CNB had been on the look-out for two male Singaporean drug traffickers, one 30-year-old and the other, a 50-year-old, believed to have been lying low following the recent blitz of anti-drug operations. The 50-year-old is wanted by CNB for other drug trafficking offences. On 19 March, CNB launched an operation against the group. In the evening of 19 March, CNB officers spotted the 50-year-old suspect in the vicinity of Upper Changi Road North with a 48-year-old female companion. CNB officers moved in and arrested both persons, recovering about 610 grammes of cannabis and three Ecstasy tablets from the man. The 48-year-old female was also wanted by CNB for drug consumption offence.

CNB officers led the couple to an apartment the pair were renting in the vicinity and recovered a small amount of ‘Ice’ and various drug paraphernalia, including a digital weighing scale. Officers also recovered cash amounting to about S$1,600.

During the search of the unit, the 48-year-old female suspect suddenly turned hysterical, grabbing two fruit knives lying on a table in an attempt to hurt herself. CNB officers managed to restrain the female suspect, who resisted with a violent struggle. In the process, two CNB officers were injured and bitten by the female suspect. Investigations into the couple are ongoing - the male Singaporean is being investigated for drug trafficking and his female companion for drug consumption.

Raids at Joo Chiat Place

Following the arrest of the 50-year-old suspected drug supplier, another team of CNB officers deployed to watch for the 30-year-old suspected drug trafficker spotted him in the vicinity of Joo Chiat Place and moved in for the arrest. The man had been holding on to an envelope later found to contain a small packet of ketamine and two Ecstasy tablets. A 34-year-old male suspected drug abuser was also arrested in the vicinity.

The 30-year-old suspected drug trafficker led CNB officers to a unit of a private residential block in Joo Chiat Place where CNB officers arrested another seven persons suspected to be involved in drug activities in the unit. Another unit in the same residential block was also raided by CNB officers where a male Singaporean and a female Vietnamese national were also arrested. A small packet of “Ice” and cash amounting to about S$4,170 were recovered from the female’s handbag. A total of approximately 130 grammes of cannabis, 1,500 Erimin-5 tablets, a small packet of ketamine, and various drug paraphernalia, including a digital weighing scale, numerous empty plastic sachets and improvised drug smoking apparatus, were also recovered from the second unit.

Investigations into all the suspects’ drug activities are currently ongoing. Those convicted in court for drug trafficking will face a minimum penalty of 5 years’ imprisonment and 5 strokes of the cane.

Deputy Director CNB Mr Marvin Sim commended the officers involved in the operation. Mr Sim said, “The officers’ keen situational awareness was crucial to disrupting the drug syndicate activities. This is a signal to our adversaries out there that there will be no let-up in CNB’s tough enforcement actions to keep the streets of Singapore safe from drugs.”


Part of CNB’s seizure on 19 March 2012, including Erimin-5 and cash

Part of CNB’s seizure on 19 March 2012, including Erimin-5 and cash

Part of CNB’s seizure on 19 March 2012, including blocks of cannabis

Part of CNB’s seizure on 19 March 2012, including blocks of cannabis