CNB and ICA intercepted $100,000 worth of Ice at Woodlands Checkpoint

16 May 2012

Alert Home Team officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) foiled the attempted importation of approximately 500 grammes of ‘Ice’, estimated to be worth more than S$100,000.

A tissue box that costs a cool S$100,000

In a joint operation before dawn on 16 May 2012, CNB and ICA officers were conducting checks on incoming vehicles at Woodlands Checkpoint. At about 6am, the officers pulled a Malaysia-registered vehicle over for a check. While searching the vehicle, a vigilant CNB officer noticed that a tissue box placed behind the passenger seat in the vehicle was unusually heavy. Suspicions aroused, they removed the tissue box cover and discovered a bundle wrapped in black masking tape hidden within. This bundle was later found to contain four packets of substances believed to be crystal methamphetamine, also known as ‘Ice.’ SPF K-9 unit also helped to conduct further checks on the vehicle.

Officers arrested the 28-year-old Malaysian driver. He is currently under investigation for drug importation. If convicted, he may face the death penalty.

The Home Team will continue to work closely together to deter attempts at nefarious smuggling activities at the checkpoints.

16 MAY 2012

'Ice' seized at Woodlands Checkpoint

'Ice' seized at Woodlands Checkpoint