CNB seized 12kg heroin worth S$1.2M

21 Nov 2013

Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) seized about 12kg of heroin with a street worth of more than S$1.2 million and arrested one suspected drug trafficker in one fell swoop. The last single large seizure similar to this size was on 5 Feb 2008. Had this 12kg of heroin flowed onto the streets, this is enough to supply one straw of heroin per day to more than 1,300 abusers for a month.

On 20 Nov 2013, CNB launched an operation to target a Singaporean drug trafficker who was suspected to be actively distributing heroin in the local market. It was believed he would be receiving a fresh consignment of drugs from a neighbouring country.

CNB officers deployed in the Tagore area spotted the suspect in his car at around 10.30pm, and moved in to arrest him. The 46-year-old Singaporean attempted to evade arrest by driving the car up the side pedestrian curb of the road. In the process, he hit and damaged a few CNB vehicles as well as a taxi parked along the road. He also put up a violent struggle while being arrested.

Investigations are ongoing. He may face the death penalty if convicted.

Director CNB Mr Ng Ser Song commended his officers, saying, “If this 12kg heroin had been distributed onto our streets, it would feed the addiction of huge numbers of heroin addicts, at a cost to our society. CNB will persevere and continue to pursue to the fullest extent those who traffic in drugs at the expense of our society.”

21 NOV 2013

Heroin seized

Heroin seized

Heroin seized during 20 Nov 13's operation

The damaged vehicle that the suspect used to evade arrest

The damaged vehicle that the suspect used to evade arrest

The damaged vehicle that the suspect used to evade arrest during the CNB operation on 20 Nov 13