CNB smashes drug syndicate, arrested syndicate leader. 2.1kg heroin seized, five arrested.

26 Jun 2014

On 25 June 2014, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) launched an operation to dismantle a drug syndicate believed to be actively distributing heroin in Singapore. The operation smashed the drug syndicate, with a total of about 2.1kg of heroin seized, and five men, including the syndicate leader, were arrested. The heroin seized is estimated to be worth more than S$220,000 and is enough to sustain about 1,000 heroin addicts for a week.

In the pre-dawn hours of 25 June 2014, several teams of CNB officers were deployed in various part of Jurong West to keep observation on the suspected syndicate leader, a 47-year-old male Singaporean, his syndicate members and one of their clients, a 66-year-old male Singaporean drug trafficker. All were believed to be awaiting a fresh consignment of drugs which were being brought into Singapore by a drug courier.

At about 9am, CNB officers deployed in the vicinity of Jurong West Avenue 1 spotted the suspected drug courier, a 34-year-old male Malaysian, meeting up with the 66-year-old suspected Singaporean drug trafficker. The 66-year-old male and the male Malaysian parted ways and a party of CNB officers tailed and arrested him along Bukit Batok East Avenue 3. A total of about 670g of heroin was recovered from the man.

The same male Malaysian was subsequently spotted meeting up with one of the syndicate member, a 44-year-old male Singaporean, at a block’s void deck in the vicinity of Jurong West Street 52. After both parted ways, CNB officers arrested the male Malaysian shortly thereafter. From within the male Malaysian’s vehicle, a total of about 955g of heroin and cash totalling S$10,000 were recovered from the vehicle. Another party of CNB officers then arrested the 44-year-old male Singaporean at his residence in the vicinity. A packet of heroin weighing about 480g and 30 packets of synthetic cannabis weighing about 90g were recovered from within the unit.

Another 32-year-old syndicate member, who was believed to be proceeding to meet the male Malaysian, was also arrested. Cash totalling S$7,200 was recovered from the 32-year-old male Singaporean.

Rounding up the operation, a party of CNB officers raided the housing unit of the 47-year-old syndicate leader. All five men are being investigated for drug trafficking. If convicted, all five may face the death penalty.

26 JUNE 2014

Drugs and cash seized from CNB operation on 25 June 2014.

Drugs and cash seized from CNB operation on 25 June 2014.

Vehicle seized from CNB operation on 25 June

Vehicle seized from CNB operation on 25 June

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