More Than 5KG Of Cannabis And Other Drugs Seized In Two CNB Operations on 21 September 2015

22 Sep 2015

On 21 September 2015, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) conducted two separate operations which saw the total seizure of more than 5kg of cannabis, 600g of ‘Ice’, and other drugs including ketamine and Erimin-5 tablets.  The total amount of drugs seized from the two operations had an estimated street value of more than S$340,000. 

Large cannabis seizure

On the afternoon of 21 September 2015, CNB officers were deployed in the vicinity of Havelock Road and at Senoko, to conduct observation on a suspected local drug trafficker [male, 34] and his local accomplice [male, 29].  The duo was believed to be expecting a fresh consignment of drugs.  The suspected drug trafficker was using a car as a “mobile drug store”. 

At about 1.45pm, officers deployed at Senoko spotted the suspected drug trafficker and his associate in the vicinity of Senoko Drive in another car.  Officers also spotted a Malaysia-registered lorry in the vicinity. The driver of the lorry, a 34-year-old male Malaysian, was observed to have left the lorry carrying a red-colour plastic bag. He approached the car and was observed to place the plastic bag onto the rear seat of the car. The driver of the lorry then returned to the lorry.  Both vehicles then parted, with each vehicle driving off in different directions.

At about 2.20pm, the lorry was stopped at the Woodlands Checkpoint with the assistance of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the driver placed under arrest.

At about 2.30pm, the suspected local drug trafficker and his accomplice were arrested along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.  A red-colour plastic bag was found within the car and about 5kg of cannabis recovered from within the plastic bag.  From the center console of the car, officers recovered three tobacco packets containing about 60g of cannabis.  A search of the 29-year-old male Singaporean recovered three packets of ‘Ice’ and cash amounting to S$11,300.  A car key was also found on the front passenger seat.

Both men were subsequently escorted to the “mobile drug store” parked in a multi-storey carpark in Havelock.  Using the car key recovered earlier, officers gained access to the “mobile drug store” and recovered a total of about 750g of cannabis, 350g of ‘Ice’, a weighing scale and some drug paraphernalia.  A chopper was also found. 

Cocktail of drugs seized at Balestier

In a separate operation conducted on the same afternoon, CNB officers arrested a suspected drug abuser along Balestier Road.  A search of the 39-year-old male Singaporean found a small amount of ‘Ice’, ketamine and Erimin-5 tablets.  The male suspect was then led to a hotel room in the area, believed to be used as a drug store.  Officers found various types of drugs, including heroin and tablets of various colours from within the room. The drugs, as well as a digital weighing scale and two improvised drug-smoking apparatus, were seized. 

At about 6.05pm, a party of CNB officers conducting observation at another part of the hotel arrested a 43-year-old male Singaporean suspected drug abuser shortly after he had left his room.  A search of the room found various drugs including heroin, ‘Ice’ and ketamine.  A digital weighing scale and numerous empty plastic packets were also found. 

Later that same evening, CNB officers arrested a 40-year-old male suspected drug trafficker along Balestier Road, believed to be the accomplice of the two males arrested earlier the same day.  A search of the 40-year-old male Singaporean recovered a total of about 300g of ‘Ice’, 240g of ketamine and 3,602 Erimin-5 tablets.  Cash amounting to S$13,381 was also recovered from him.  The 40-year-old male is wanted in connection to an earlier case where about 1kg of cannabis and 167g of ‘Ice’ were seized on 15 September 2015.

Investigations into the drug activities of all arrested persons are ongoing.  Those convicted of trafficking in more than 500g of cannabis or trafficking in more than 250g of methamphetamine may face the death penalty.




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Cannabis, ‘Ice’ and cash seized in CNB operation at Senoko, Ang Mo Kio and Havelock Road on 21 September 2015

Photo Source (CNB): Cannabis, ‘Ice’ and cash seized in CNB operation at Senoko, Ang Mo Kio and Havelock Road on 21 September 2015.

‘Ice’, Erimin-5 and cash seized in CNB operation at Balestier on 21 September 2015.

Photo Source (CNB): ‘Ice’, Erimin-5 and cash seized in CNB operation at Balestier on 21 September 2015.