Quarter million worth of drugs seized in CNB operation eight arrested

30 Sep 2017

  1. About 2.15kg of heroin and 495g of ‘Ice’ were seized in an operation conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on 29 September 2017, with eight suspected drug offenders arrested, all Singaporeans. The drugs seized in this operation are estimated to be worth about S$275,000.

  2. In the afternoon of 29 September 2017, CNB officers were deployed in the vicinity of a carpark at New Upper Changi Road to conduct observation on a group of suspected drug traffickers. At around 4.00pm, a 31-year-old male was seen leaving a unit and waiting at the void deck of the block.

  3. A short while later, CNB officers spotted three suspects, a 25-year-old male, a 39-year-old male and a 42-year-old male arriving in a car. The 31-year-old male approached the car which was parked at the carpark, and conversed with the occupants in the vehicle. They parted ways thereafter but CNB officers continued to conduct observations on them.

  4. CNB officers arrested the 31-year-old male at the void deck of the block, together with a 29-year-old male who had met up with him. Officers proceeded to raid the unit where the 31-year-old was seen exiting from earlier. A total of about 2,132g of heroin and 191g of ‘Ice’ were recovered from within the unit. Three other suspects, a 52-year-old male and two females aged 32 and 55, were also arrested in the unit.

  5. Another party of officers tailed the car to a petrol kiosk along Bedok South Avenue 1 and arrested all the three male suspects at the petrol kiosk, where the car had stopped to refuel. A search of the car yielded a total of about 304g of ‘Ice’ and 18g of heroin.

  6. Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing. The Misuse of Drugs Act provides for the death penalty if the amount of diamorphine (or pure heroin) trafficked exceeds 15g. 15g of diamorphine is equivalent to 1,250 straws, which is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 180 abusers for a week. The Misuse of Drugs Act also provides for the death penalty if the amount of methamphetamine trafficked exceeds 250g. 250g of methamphetamine is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 185 abusers for a week.


Photo 1 (CNB): Heroin and ‘Ice’ seized in CNB operation on 29 September 2017.

Heroin and Ice seized in CNB operation on 29 Sep 2017