Drugs Worth More Than S$155,000 Seized in CNB Operations; Seven Arrested

21 Mar 2018


                    About 1,331g of heroin, 24g of cannabis, 137g of ‘Ice’, 115 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, 20 Erimin-5 tablets and S$5,900 cash were seized in two operations conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on 19 and 20 March 2018.  The drugs seized were estimated to be worth more than S$155,000.  Seven suspected drug offenders were arrested.

Operation leading to the arrest of 5 suspects and seizures amounting to more than 700g of heroin

2          In the late afternoon of 19 March, CNB officers arrested a 45-year-old Singaporean male suspected drug trafficker in the vicinity of Syed Alwi Road.  About 7g of ‘Ice’ was recovered from the male suspect.  Officers proceeded to raid the Rowell Road hideout of the 45-year-old male, where about 358g of heroin, 19g of cannabis, 2g of ‘Ice’ and a digital weighing scale were recovered from within the unit.  The 45-year-old Singaporean male revealed that his drug supplier is a 52-year-old male Singaporean drug trafficker.

3               Follow-up investigations found that the hideout of the 52-year-old suspect was at Bedok North.  CNB officers redeployed to the vicinity of Bedok North Road to conduct observation, and they spotted a 31-year-old Singaporean male arriving at a carpark on a motorcycle. The male suspect loitered suspiciously at the void deck of a block before entering a lift, and proceeding to the eighth floor.  Shortly thereafter, the 31-year-old came down in the lift with the 52-year-old male and another female suspect.  CNB officers moved in and arrested all three suspects – the 31-year-old male motorcyclist, the 52-year-old male trafficker and the 38-year-old female - after they exited the lift.

4                 From within the lift, officers recovered a total of about 373g of heroin. CNB officers also recovered about 2g of ‘Ice’ from the 31-year-old male’s motorcycle. Officers proceeded to raid the hideout of the 52-year-old male and arrested a 56-year-old male suspected drug abuser within the unit.

Operation leading to the arrest of 2 drug suspects and about 480g of heroin and 125 g of ‘Ice’

5                 In a separate operation on the morning of 20 March 2018, CNB officers were deployed to conduct observations on 2 suspected drug traffickers at Fifth Avenue. The two suspects were seen meeting and then parted ways in their motorcycles. Officers proceeded to trail both suspects and arrested one of them, a 24-year old Malaysian male, along Bukit Timah Expressway, under the Eco-Link Bridge. An envelope containing S$5,900 was recovered from his motorcycle.

6               Officers followed the other suspect, a 26-year-old male, along the West Coast Highway. To evade arrest, he travelled at a high speed and rode against the flow of traffic when he entered the Ayer Rajah Expressway. He later beat a red light at a traffic junction off Pioneer Road North, and his reckless riding resulted in him knocking down a 36-year-old male member of public who was crossing the road.

7           The 36-year-old member of public sustained minor injuries and was immediately conveyed to the hospital for medical attention. He is currently warded for observation. A CNB officer also sustained abrasions in the course of the pursuit. Four bundles of drugs consisting about 480g of heroin, 125g of “Ice” and 50 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets were recovered at the accident scene.

8            The 26-year-old’s motorcycle was later found abandoned in a carpark at Jurong West Avenue 5. Shortly after, he was arrested in the vicinity of Pioneer Polyclinic. A raid on his residence further uncovered about 120g of heroin, 1g of ‘Ice’, 65 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, 20 Erimin-5 tablets and 5g of cannabis. 

9          Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing. The 26-year-old male is also being investigated by police for possible traffic-related offences. 1,331g of heroin is enough to feed the addiction of about
634 abusers for a week[1]




21 MARCH 2018

[1] This is estimated using a typical purity level of 4%, based on drug seizures in recent years.

Photo 1 (CNB): Heroin seized in CNB operation on 19 March 2018

Photo 1 (CNB): Heroin seized in CNB operation on 19 March 2018.

Photo 2 (CNB): Some of the drugs seized in CNB’s operation on 20 March 2018

Photo 2 (CNB): Some of the drugs seized in CNB’s operation on 20 March 2018