Statement in Response to Media Queries

02 Aug 2022

1. A 34-year-old Malaysian man and a 46-year-old Singaporean man who were together convicted of trafficking in a controlled drug had their capital sentences carried out on 2 August 2022. As the family of the Singaporean man has requested for privacy, we will not be naming the men.

2. The men were accorded full due process under the law, and were represented by legal counsel throughout the process. Their petitions to the President for clemency were unsuccessful.

3. The capital punishment is used only for the most serious crimes, such as the trafficking of significant quantities of drugs which cause very serious harm, not just to individual drug abusers, but also to their families and the wider society. Capital punishment is part of Singapore’s comprehensive harm prevention strategy which targets both drug demand and supply.


Central Narcotics Bureau
2 August 2022