Three Arrested For Suspected Drug Offences; More Than 2.4Kg Heroin Seized

07 Oct 2023

           On 5 October 2023, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested three individuals, aged between 31 and 57, for suspected drug offences. About 2,464g of heroin, with an estimated value of more than $259,000 were seized. The seizure of 2,464g of heroin can feed the addiction of about 1170 abusers for a week.

2         In the evening of 5 October, CNB officers arrested a 47-year-old Singaporean man at a void deck of a residential block in the vicinity of Bedok North Street 3 for suspected drug trafficking offences. The man was then escorted to a residential unit   of a nearby residential block located in the same vicinity. After entering the unit, officers arrested a 57-year-old Singaporean man and 31-year-old foreign woman for suspected drug trafficking offences. A search was conducted and a total of about 2,464g of heroin and drug paraphernalia were seized from various locations within the unit.    

Photo 1 (CNB): Heroin seized in the vicinity of Bedok North Street 3 in a CNB operation conducted on 5 October 2023.

3         Under Section 5 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973, it is an offence for a person, on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of any other person, whether or not that other person is in Singapore, to traffic in a controlled drug, offer to traffic in a controlled drug; or to do or offer to do any act preparatory to or for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled drug. If a person is found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of diamorphine or “pure heroin”, he or she may face the mandatory death penalty.

4           Investigations into all arrested suspects are ongoing.

7 October 2023