Two CNB Operations Net Variety of Drugs. Five Arrested.

31 May 2019

            In two separate operations conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on 30 May 2019, a variety of drugs including about 1,409g of heroin, 980g of ‘Ice’’ and 541g of cannabis were seized and five suspected drug offenders were arrested.  The drugs were estimated to be worth about S$219,000.


Large heroin and cash seizure


2          In the morning of 30 May, CNB officers arrested a 66-year-old Singaporean male suspect in the vicinity of Buangkok Crescent.  From the personal mobility device (PMD) belonging to the suspect, officers recovered a total of about 1,409g of heroin.  A separate party of CNB officers arrested another suspect, a 31-year-old Malaysian male, in the vicinity of Sungei Kadut Way.  From the motorcycle the 31-year-old suspect was riding, officers recovered cash of S$9,000.  The 66-year-old suspect and the 31-year-old Malaysian were earlier spotted meeting up in the vicinity of Sumang Walk.


3          CNB officers escorted the 66-year-old male to his hideout in the same vicinity and a small amount of heroin and various drug paraphernalia including drug-smoking utensils and a weighing scale were recovered from within the unit.  During the process, a 58-year-old Singaporean male suspect approached the unit and was placed under arrest. 

CNB NR - 31 May 2019 (1)

Photo-1 (CNB): Heroin recovered from the 66-year-old male arrested in vicinity of Buangkok Crescent, in CNB operation on 30 May 2019.


Poly-drug traffickers arrested in Sembawang


4          In a separate CNB operation on the same day, a party of CNB officers raided a unit in a private apartment in the vicinity of Jalan Sendudok.  From within the unit, CNB officers recovered a total of about 980g of ‘Ice’, 541g of cannabis, 327 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, 19 Erimin-5 tablets and 615g of white powdery substance of an unknown nature.  Cash of S$2,956 and US$10 was also recovered.  Two Singaporeans, a 34-year-old female and a 53-year-old male were arrested within the unit. 

CNB NR - 31 May 2019 (2)

Photo-2 (CNB): Drugs recovered from within unit at Jalan Sendudok, in CNB operation on 30 May 2019.

5          Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing.  1,409g of heroin is enough to feed the addiction of about
671 abusers for a week.  980g ‘Ice’ is enough to feed the addiction of about 560 abusers for a week.



31 MAY 2019