Two Suspected Drug Traffickers Arrested; Drugs Seized Enough to Feed 1,860 Abusers for A Week

11 Oct 2023

           On 10 October 2023, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested a man and woman for suspected drug trafficking offences. About 2,378g of heroin, 4,199g of cannabis, 223g of ‘Ice’, 106 Erimin-5 tablets, 11 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and six bottles of methadone, with an estimated value of more than $473,000 were seized. The seizure of 2,378g of heroin, 4,199g of cannabis and 223g of ‘Ice’ can feed the addiction of about 1,860 abusers for a week.

2      In the morning of 10 October, CNB officers arrested a 42-year-old Singaporean man and a 35-year-old female Singapore permanent resident at the carpark of a condominium in Boon Keng area for suspected drug trafficking offences. About 68g of heroin, 32g of ‘Ice’, 30g of cannabis, two Erimin-5 tablets, and ten ‘Ecstasy’ tablets were recovered from the man, while about 25g of ‘Ice’ were recovered from the woman. CNB officers then escorted the man and woman to their hideout in the condominium where about 4,169g of cannabis, 2,310g of heroin, 145g of ‘Ice’, 104 Erimin-5 tablets, one ‘Ecstasy’ tablet and six bottles of methadone were seized.

3        Later the same day, CNB officers escorted the woman to her residence in the vicinity of Yishun Street 51 and seized about 21g of ‘Ice’ from the unit.

Photos 1 and 2 (CNB): Controlled drugs, including cannabis and heroin, seized in a condominium in Boon Keng area in a CNB operation conducted on 10 October 2023.

4         Under Section 5 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973, it is an offence for a person, on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of any other person, whether or not that other person is in Singapore, to traffic in a controlled drug, offer to traffic in a controlled drug; or to do or offer to do any act preparatory to or for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled drug. If a person is found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of diamorphine or “pure heroin” or 500g of cannabis, he or she may face the mandatory death penalty.

5           Investigations into all arrested suspects are ongoing.

11 October 2023