YOLO. Get high on life, not drugs!

11 Dec 2015

YOLO. Get high on life, not drugs!”. With the festive season fast approaching, NCADA kicks off the campaign this year, with anti-drug ambassadors walking the ground in Clarke Quay and Boat Quay on 12 Dec 2015 & 17 -19 Dec to remind patrons of clubs and pubs that they can still have as much fun with a clean partying scene in a drug-free environment.


  1. Join our ground ambassadors in spreading the message! Submit an anti-drug pledge on the digital pledge wall created on the “Clubbing Without Drugs” Facebook page which will be available from 25 Nov 2015 until 13 Jan 2016. All fans of the page who submit an anti-drug pledge will be eligible for lucky draw prizes.

  3. A total of 302 clubs, pubs and restaurants, including prominent nightspots such as 1-Altitude, and popular karaoke chain Teo Heng Pte Ltd, are also committed to this movement and partnering NCADA this year. In support of the campaign, posters displaying anti-drug messages will be displayed in their premises while fluorescent wrist-bands with similar messages would be distributed to patrons.

  5. NCADA urges our young adults to recognise the importance of a drug-free society. I call on them to join us as one community and make a personal pledge to resist the drug menace!”, said Mr Victor Lye, Chairman NCADA.

  7. Join us as we “YOLO. Get high on life, not drugs!”.


National Council Against Drug Abuse
11 Dec 2015

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Clubs Against Drugs Campaign poster

NCADA Image: Clubs Against Drugs Campaign poster.




About National Council Against Drug Abuse


The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) was formed in January 1995 as an advisory council to the Minister and the Ministry of Home Affairs on policies and measures necessary to curb drug abuse in Singapore and to mobilise and sustain public support for the anti-drug programmes undertaken by government departments and voluntary organisations. Together with the Home Team departments, relevant agencies and community partners, NCADA organises and coordinates anti-drug activities as well as assists other organisations, institutions, bodies and persons who are interested in tackling the drug problem. NCADA also aims to promote preventive drug education programmes to educate the public on the drug menace and rally support for the government’s efforts against drug abuse.


About the Clubs Against Drugs Campaign


This will be the 15th year in which NCADA has organised the Clubs Against Drugs Campaign (CAD). The CAD Campaign was first launched in 2000 by the National Council Against Drug Abuse to address the possible issue of drug abuse in night entertainment outlets. Over the years, NCADA has forged a partnership with club operators to promote the anti-drug message to club patrons and to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and the harsh penalties that come along with drug abuse and trafficking. Participating club and restaurant operators are offered tailored anti-drug talks to equip them with the skills to identify drug abusers on their premises. This year, ground outreach activities will also be organised to reach out to the patrons of clubs, pubs and restaurants to remind them on the importance of partying in a drug-free environment. There will be a total of 4 nights of ground outreach activities.