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Sebastian Tan,
Deputy Director, CNB

Sebastian Tan

“It was hard work and long hours chasing down drug offenders, but all CNB officers took on this responsibility with pride, united by a single purpose in the fight against drugs – a trait of CNB since it was formed in 1971.”

Dinesh Kumar Rai s/o Suresh Chandra Rai
Deputy Commanding Officer, Enforcement ‘E’ Division

Dinesh Kumar Rai

“I have experienced a wide spectrum of what a CNB officer does. From intelligence and investigations, I have also done strategic work such as policy planning.”

Subashiyni Ramakrishnan
Head, General Investigation ‘A’

Subashiyni Ramakrishnan
“We work closely as a team to ensure a smooth and efficient operation when we are in action.”

Thng Yi Ren
Staff Officer, Policy Planning & Research Division

Thng Yi Ren

“CNB’s supervision regime not only allows us to keep our supervisees from falling back onto the wrong path, it also gives us the chance to help them to reintegrate back into society.”

This is Our Calling. It Can Be Yours Too.

It is an exciting, challenging, yet rewarding career. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the drug-free cause and wish to contribute towards making Singapore a safe and secure home.

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