Preventive Drug Education Toolkit for Educators and Youth Counsellors


Teachers have been the vital partners in guiding our youths towards making the right decisions and leading a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. The teachers’ significant role is also accentuated in the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) 2013 Youth Perception Survey that reveals that teachers, after family members, are the group which youths would consult on drug and inhalant abuse matters.

Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), as the lead agency for preventive drug education in Singapore, distributes publications such as IN, Little Red Dot, essay booklets as well as anti-drug posters and videos to schools to provide teachers with useful drug prevention information. Customised seminars for teachers have also been organised since 1999. We have received feedback at Teachers’ Seminars that the current materials are insufficient and it would be useful if we can provide more materials for the teachers to use to educate their students on the ills of drug abuse. The idea for a Teachers’ Resource Package was thus formed and the Preventive Education Unit from CNB consulted MOE’s Education Programmes Division and Curriculum Planning and Development Division in developing the contents.

This resource package is produced to assist teachers in equipping the students with relevant knowledge to lead a drug-free lifestyle. It condenses relevant information on drugs and inhalant abuse into a self contained package. There are suggested activities for teachers to conduct drug education sessions for students. Teachers can utilise the relevant portions as background reading for project work or classroom discussions. The resources can also be reproduced easily for students, parents and staff.

You can download the resource toolkit by clicking on the link below.
Preventive Drug Education Toolkit for Educators and Youth Counsellors (Updated as of 23 Jan 2020)(PDF, 12595 KB)
Preventive Drug Education Toolkit for Educators and Youth Counsellors (PDF, 23181 KB)