Criminal Fact Sheet: Heroin

12 Sep 2017

Suspect ID No 7699: Heroin

Profile of the suspect:

This suspect has a long history dating back centuries when it was originally used to treat pain, sleeplessness and diarrhoea. Today, heroin is a drug of abuse in many countries. It is a highly-addictive drug derived from morphine, which is extracted from the opium poppy, and is the strongest derivative of the opium poppy.

Being a highly-addictive drug, abusers become 'hooked' onto it quickly. A small dose of heroin gives the feeling of warmth and well-being but this is just one of the suspect's deceptive traits at work. Shortly after, the abuser drifts between alertness and drowsiness. The central nervous system becomes damaged and it leads to the disruption of the mental process.

Heroin causes other side effects such as slowed and slurred speech, droopy eyelids, vomiting and constipation. This is a very dangerous drug because it usually comes mixed with other ingredients that do not dissolve. Hence, the blood vessels that lead to vital organs are clogged and small patches of cells in these organs die.

Uncovering the suspect's disguise:

Heroin has different grades and can exist in different forms like powder or solution. The most common form of heroin seen in Singapore is Grade 3, which is yellowish, less refined and granular. Unsuitable for injection, it is heated and its vapours inhaled by the abusers through a rolled piece of paper. This is also the most common choice of abuse in Singapore, nicknamed "Chasing the Dragon". Heroin is a dangerous drug and its abuse can be fatal as it is often being mixed with other contaminants such as detergent or rat poison to increase its weight.

Street names in suspect’s ID:

  • White
  • Smack
  • Junk
  • Powder
  • Putih
  • Medicine
  • Ubat

An ex-abuser speaks:

"They said heroin can help to relieve my pain. They lied. I am clearly in a worse state than before. Who am I to blame now? The dealers have all disappeared and their phone numbers no longer active. I regret being addicted to heroin and how it has turned my life upside down."

Legal Penalties:

Possession or consumption of heroin:

  • Up to 10 years of imprisonment, S$20,000 fine or both

Illegal traffic, import or export of heroin of more than 15 grams:

  • Death penalty

Heroin has very grave effects on health and is possibly fatal even on the first try. Do not leave it to second chances.

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