Get Smart: Debunking Drug Myths

03 Sep 2017

Think you know all there is to drugs? Think again. Oftentimes, what you hear about drugs comes from your peers and such information may not always be accurate even though they may sound logical. If you have been hearing your friends talk about drugs all this while, read on to find out how some common myths are busted. The truth is: there are absolutely no advantages to using drugs, no matter what short-lived pleasurable effects they may give.

Myth: Cannabis is harmless since some countries have legalised it.
Fact: Cannabis is just like any drug of abuse. It leads to addiction and a host of severe health problems such as depression, paranoia, distorted perceptions and psychosis. Contrary to popular belief, its natural plant origin does not make it any safer than other drugs. The first try could lead to addiction even if you may not feel so.

Myth: It is impossible to get addicted to drugs like heroin or meth on the first try.
Fact: All drugs if abused lead to serious health consequences and a lifetime of regret. Even if the drug is plant-based like cannabis, it is just as dangerous as synthetic drugs. The first try could trigger a yearning for subsequent consumption, which in turn result in a never-ending cycle.

Myth: Taking drugs, like drinking alcohol and smoking, is a normal process of growing up.
Fact: There are many other healthy activities such as sports and music that youths can participate in for entertainment and character development. The abuse of illegal substances does not form part of a person’s route to maturity.

Myth: My idol is 'doing' drugs. It must be safe and cool for me to do so too.
Fact: Every now and then, stories of how some celebrities get arrested for involvement with drugs surface in the media. Sometimes when such stories eventually make it to the press, the celebrity in question is already dead from an overdose. Their association with drugs does not affirm that it is 'cool' to take drugs; it only reinforces the point that anyone can fall prey to the dangers of drug abuse.

Myth: It doesn't hurt to just try it once. I won't get addicted.
Fact: Taking the first step towards drugs is also taking the first step towards a life of regret. Abuse of any drug leads to addiction and health problems that are potentially fatal.

If it is too good to be true, it is better to think twice. Get the facts right and make the smart choice for yourself when it comes to drugs.

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