How to cope with stress without drugs?

11 Jul 2019

Drug abuse has far-reaching impact on the abuser. Some take drugs as a way of escape with the misconception that it helps them to relieve stress. Drugs lift them into a false state of ‘happiness’ due to the ‘high’ they experienced, but hit them with crashing lows once the pleasure wears down. Drug abuse has irreversible physical and mental health consequences such as depression, hallucination and damages to the brain and organs. One try can get them addicted for life.

As one progresses to different stages of their lives, he or she may face life changes or challenges that they find it stressful to cope with. Identify the source of your stress is the first step to dealing with the underlying problem. Ignoring the problem will perpetuate a cycle of stress and anxiety.

To cope with stress more effectively, try out the 5 healthy tips below!

How to cope with stress without drugs_part 1

How to cope with stress without drugs_part 2