Insomnia. Paranoia. And Then It Gets Much Worse

27 Sep 2017

How long was I unconscious for? I awoke in near-total darkness, finding myself sprawled on the cold, ceramic floor of my living room with puke around me. I struggled to my feet and stumbled back to my room.

It was 4am. Nearly 72 hours had passed since I last ate or got any sleep. My head was burning and every movement I made required tremendous effort. When was the last time I showered? I cannot remember.

I was first introduced to ‘Ice’ six months ago at a house party. My friends told me that the ‘crystals’ would give me ‘energy’ and ‘joy’, but they did not tell me about the battery fluid, drain cleaner, antifreeze and other toxic chemicals in it. It seemed like the coolest thing to do. Ignorant and afraid of being ostracised if I were to refuse, I caved in.

The addictiveness is terrifying. Even if I was not craving for ‘Ice’, I was thinking about it almost every second. The only thing that excites me was an invitation to another “house party”, but the next day I’ll be too sick to get out of bed (that is if I do make it to bed). I was aggressive at times and insomnia made it worse.

Discovering the truth about ‘Ice’ horrified me. My life has been on a downward spiral ever since I tried ‘Ice’. I lost my friends and I can never return to school. I do not know how long I can survive before my liver, kidney, lung or brain decides to shut down because they are being constantly damaged by the meth I take. Do not let yourself become like me.

Meth destroys lives. It turns you into a walking corpse where you only live to feed your addiction.

Do not even think of trying. Not even once.

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