Saying No Is Easy (When It Is Death You Are Talking To)

10 Sep 2017

'Everyone dies one day.' That is a favourite motto of alcoholics, chain smokers and drug abusers. In many cases, these were truly famous last words. Indeed, nobody can deny that Death will come knocking on all doors eventually; but it is our solemn right to refuse him entry for as long as we can.

Drug abusers, as proven time and time again, are particularly susceptible to Death’s early visit. Famous actors, celebrities and ordinary people alike have all been paid untimely visits. Death does not discriminate. In light of this revelation, what can we do to live a life that is free from harmful addictions and unhealthy dependencies?

Here are a few great ways you can stay drug-free and tell Death to wait a little while longer.


The power of being able to say ‘no’. This is much easier said than done. There is always the fear of being perceived as being ‘uncool’ and facing exile from future social gatherings. Always remember who you are - an individual with a free will. You have a choice. Your decision to refuse drugs is just as powerful as the next person’s decision to give in. So take a stand and be firm.


With knowledge comes power. Especially if you are equipped with knowledge on the many different existing drugs out there and the dangers they pose to your health and life. Apart from the commonly abused drugs in Singapore like Heroin, Methamphetamine and Cannabis, there is a new group of illegal drugs called New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) on the rise. These drugs mimic the effects of traditional drugs but fly below the radar by using names like ‘Spice’, ‘K2’ and ‘Mephedrone’. Being aware of what these drugs are will put you in a much better position the next time someone tries to offer them to you. Do not believe their lies. You pay if you play.


Most people begin experimenting with drugs at a low point in their life. Do not fall into the trap of depending on drugs to escape from problems in life. Positive thinking and happiness is a choice. Get out there and do things that fill you with positivity. Hit the gym, do sports, meet new people or have a great night out at the clubs. Life is an endless adventure.

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