Weed Can’t Be All That Bad, Can It?

28 Sep 2017

‘Cannabis can’t be all that bad, can it?’ You’ll regret saying that. I know it might seem like a pretty cool thing to roll up a couple of joints, sit back and chill out with friends over some good music. But you know what they like to say: Cannabis is all good because it’s all natural. So on and so forth. But is it really?

How much do you really know about cannabis? As you might already know, ‘Weed’ is just one of the many names for cannabis, which comes from the cannabis plant. It also goes by other names, like Marijuana, Grass, Pot or Herb. Now, the reason why you feel so relaxed on cannabis is due to an active chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But THC also messes with your mind, causing you to hallucinate and see, hear or feel things around you differently. This can lead to a whole series of long-term problems for your mind and body.

It doesn’t matter what people say - cannabis is addictive. The real danger lies in most people thinking that it is not. Once you start smoking cannabis, it quickly becomes a habit, just like cigarettes, except that when it comes to cannabis, the health risks are much higher.

Well, I’m no professor, but studies have shown* that people who smoked cannabis develop multiple brain abnormalities leading to significantly more attention and memory problems. That’s just scary. And to make matters worse, you will not be able to get back this lost IQ even if you decide to stop smoking cannabis later on. Now, how is that worth it?

Long-term abuse of cannabis will affect your ability to think properly and concentrate on a single task at hand. For somebody who needs to study and take examinations, this can be a real problem. Cannabis also causes you to be lazy and unmotivated when it comes to accomplishing things - now why would you want that, when you have got a bright future ahead of you?

Think about your future, buddy. Think twice before you puff on that joint.


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