Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014 Workshop

09 Sep 2014

Finalist Games Completed for Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014

Students from the top 30 teams from Stage 1 of the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2014 went for a 2-day training workshop held at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) on 8th and 9th September 2014. Based on the judges' comments on their games after Stage 1 of the competition, the finalist teams worked on polishing their games for submission. The 2-day workshop provided the opportunity for the students to learn from NYP's student instructors or lecturers to improve their game design.


Students working hard on their game in Nanyang Polytechnic

A requirement of this year's competition is for the teams to incorporate the anti-drug theme "Life Does Not Rewind. Say No to Drugs" into their games. The students had to conduct their own research into the issue to get inspiration on how they can incorporate the theme into their game. Ms Lynette Wu, a lecturer from the School of Interactive & Digital Media found this process valuable, as the students gain a deeper understanding of the issue, and they would be in a better position to know what to do should they encounter any drug-related issues in future.


A student editing the powerpoint slides


Two of the group members discussing on their game

We saw a display of team spirit in the computer labs. Members within each team discussed and helped each other out as they worked on their games. We could also see the enthusiasm of the students as they actively checked with the NYP lecturers on how to improve their games or how they can resolve technical issues faced in the game design. The majority of the students we talked to found the workshop useful. We also heard stories of teams who had progressed greatly from having zero knowledge on game creation at the beginning of the competition to being able to use the Game Maker programme to design a game or do game programming. We also heard that there were some students who did not pass through the preliminary last year. So when they were told that they got through the First Round this year, they were really excited and even more eager to do well in this finals.


NYP Lecturer helping the students


NYP Lecturers are looking at students’ game and giving comments on it.

Kudos to all teams! Let's take a look at the highlights of the training workshop in the video below!